please read this first..

actually this should be my first post
or i put it at the top side of my page...
but i dont like that way...
futhermore im too excited to design my blog
 eventhought it may not look as nice as other blog..
but it has my touch..hehe
i prefer editing it by myself rather than
 download from other site..
hurmm actually this is my first attempt of wrote a blog..
so if my thought or words are wrong
for whatever reason such as either it hurt u
by the way of unproper langangue
 impropriate content that show how emo am i...
sorry..i cant help u because
the main point having a blog are for create something
that we can share with the world isn't?
all here are only about my feeling and im just being myself ..
for the past, present and future story..
btw really hope we can learn to respect each other so that i can get to know all of u.. TQ

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