im so into vintage things

Assalamualaikum ^_^

 hye everybody!! how are u? i dont know whether it is because of trend or i really into it.. i mean vintage bags,  belt etc.. i love the way it look like.. its warm and comfortable for me.. i think so.. apparently i dont have enough money so i had to postpone my so-called wishlish this summer to have at least one of each thing.. maybe i can get a job around semester break so im affordable to fulfill it.. tsk tsk.. hope its never too late to buy it..

i already calculate the budget.. around RM 50.. ok lah.. paw duit adik atas dasar sharing is caring will make it one step futher then had to pujuk along or maybe my parent to add up sum of money.. they are so lovey peeps, I think they would not mind if kasi me sikit duit.. kan kan... please say u will help me .. my desire is killing me inside..haha *twink-twink at them

futhermore, i really like turqoise colour these days.. u know what it mean.. like so so so so much of that colour tone.. so i choose my myspace background with that colour.. yea who the hell still layan myspace sangat that why i pick that colour as my background.. syok sendiri enjoy the colour all by myself.. nobody gonna watch it so it just between me and u darling aka mr/ms turqoise (does colour got gender?khunsa kot)  adorable-awesome colour.. awhhhh how touching it can be huh? i dont want anybody though im kinda lame.. but hate it when im must admit that im so lame.. i just realise who cares what colour u wear as long as u feel comfortable with that style.. actually im not that brave to wear such torturemental colour.. althought sometimes, my eyes agreed its too bright.. but sakit mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul.. eh tiba-tiba je.. ok out of point..
 i mean all that so eye-catching tak dapat tahan wooooo mahu beli jugak !! *protes muka serius

 cuma cari jalan tutup yg dedah je

nak bagi ke satu set macamni?

memang suka corak ni..kawaii

dah jumpa sebijik corak warna hitam RM 25

nak buat aku sakit belakang? hell no

ni ok sikit kot ..hehe

selesa ke flat shoe ni?

gila sampai nak warna begini? argh sudah

i really want to buy those thing but only if i manage to get money then i will buy it.. if not just forget it.. bukannya dunia musnah kalau tak dapat beli.. just that i would mourn for three days two night.. hahha :P
btw do u know which place sell vintage bag with nice cutting price..? and where can i find flat shoe? please dont give me answer like kat kedai lah.. i pun tahu kot...
tapi kedai Mak Cik Timah or Pak Leman Jual Tebu jual ke ..? nope? Pak Long Jemeon punya anak punya Kedai sell it? ok be serious.. besides Cotton On lar.. vinci mahal kot walaupun memanjang je sale nya..

thats all for today..
take care and good night!!
xoxo tata +_*

p/s : sorry grammar tak berapa nak cemerlang
p/s/s : just owned a piece of colour turqoise shawl, two or three vintage bag that i share with my sister..baju ala2 vintage not sure i had it or not
p/s/s : ouh Incik GOOGLE sumbang pic(s)


noraim said...

lawa tapi sy tak suka. hihi.

fariza fauzi said...

xpe..nanti lama2 bagus la grammar tu ..
anyway akk suka vintage jugak :)


kita pun suka vintage. sgt2;)

Mainur Hasnah said...

noraim : kenapa tak suka?

Sis FF : saya agak dah..akak pun sylo

fifiey : suka sangat2? apa koleksi vintage awk?

princeduyong said...

blanje ikut kemampuan la kan... :)

fariza fauzi said...

sylo tu apa mainur??

Mainur Hasnah said...

princeduyung : betul.. saya kira jenis bajet jugak.. setahun akan keluar duit untuk beli2 benda camni..hehe

Sis FF : stylo tu kira style habis,bergaya uptodate camtu la..