Ladyulia Give Away :)

Assalamualaikum & hye :)

today im gonna type in english..huhu... so lot of condolence *takziah untuk bibir yg membaca from me that u have to bear with my poor english.. im sincerely apologies because i realise im not very good playing with words and when it comes to using english surely totally im out of it.. suck right? pretty lame i guess..
 i hope u can comment my grammar mistake and bla bla bla... *sambil menyelam minum air, sambil ber-blog hilang bosan boleh menimba ilmu :)

the reason im writing or to be exact typing using english languange is because i really want to join this lovely lady new year give away .. i saw that almost evertyhing she post are in english... wahhh this gonna help me improve my english if i join ...i thought so.. well she does not include rule such as my entri must be in english or whatsoever but i malu larrr ..hehee.... orang lain cakap bi kot.... :P

for that give away the lucky one will got this nice bag (please click to proceed to the link) .. ^-^
i bet u will said it fashionablee right.. i think i got chance of 67.54% to have it because of below point ~ 

          - first thing i think when i saw that bag is DAMN COOL
          - i love red thing it just show that u are brave , aggresive a bit
          - i can count my bag that mean i dont have a lot of bag like other girl have *less than 3 
            which all of it are just a backpack bag aka beg sandang
          -usually i use the same bag for any outing *itu pun pinjam handbag adik :(
          -because i dare to enter ..huhu

hahhaha so that all from me..soryy because i dont have other reasonable point .... wish to have that vintage awesome bag.. and hey, i upload some pic for this give away contest ..  

see how i meant to be with that bag!!
that is the same handbag i mention early..

im sure my friend would be happy if im the lucky one .. to receive that give away..
dont u think so? *suka-suka je kan aku ni.. huhu just kiddin miss Ladyulia
 xoxo tata +-*

p/s : psst thank u 4 givin me oppurtunity to join :)

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