shortform in english not eww languange but an acronym


sentences in English using a lot of acronym..dont you agree with these statement? I think it is true that the English word use a lot of acronyms or abbreviations.. this may bring us new problem which is some of us might wondering about the meaning of it.. I was one of the parties.. so lame right? yeah that is so me.. when people use shortform for a minute i like blur and guessing the meaning..

okay to those who still do not know what im saying, actual topic is about acronym in english.. acronym is actually a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. The abbreviations that are made by using the first letter(s) of words. Example PCP is an acronym for the chemical name of the drug PhenCyclohexyl Piperidine..  woow im using scientific example.. haha

and for us malay, yeahh we had our own acronym for specific noun such as KLCC that represent Kuala Lumpur City Centre.. you see it lot of easier typing it down with acronym..

anyway let me give you an example.. did you know what is ROFL? yeah that is also an acronym for me.. because it actually a long word but people ony use first letter of which word to create new word.. so today i would like to share some word and meaning of  this existing acronym among us but not official in dictionary i guessed.. these are nothing but short forms for common phrases used while chatting with your friends and people in general online.maybe you already know and can share other word with me ..

PIMP - Peeing In My Pants
TMI - too much information
ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
FTW - for the win
LMAO - laughing my ass out
WTH - wedneday thurday firday :P *dont tell me you dont know what it is
WTH - that the hell
NP - no problem
BITCH = Babe In Total Control Honey *erghhh just sharing
AFK - away from keyboard
JK - just kidding
BTW - by the way
FYI - for your information
TTYL - talk to you latter
BRB - be right back
LOL - laughing out loud
GTG - got to go
IMY - i miss you
OMG - oh my god
OTW - on the way
GBY - god bless you
TY - thank you
FS - fu*king shit
NVM - nevermind
TTFN -Ta Ta For Now
IWY - i want you
ILY - im leaving you or i love you
SDFM - so fucking damn much
LSHCCOMNAIWEDA - laughing so hard coke came out my nose and I wasn't even drinking any

and then last word that i know FML are the words of most meaning. It stand for Famous Last Word, Fu*k My Life, Feeling Might Down, For My Lady, Forgive Me LOrd, and Forget My life..
so use it with carefull try not be a bimbo yeah Miss Mainur... opps TMI dont you think so..  all these shortform make me realise too many harsh word has been compile into one .. ^_^
 so tata okay till meet again
xoxo +_^ ouh yeah btw xoxo like kiss and hug

p/s : anyway sorry for my bad grammar


LehaMY said...

takpa. sama2 belajar . hehehehe . aiseh . bnyak acronym erk . ngeeee :D

Mainur Hasnah said...

betul.. sama2 belajar.. yeap banyak gila kan.. huhu