i dont know he was a jerk

Assalamualaikum & hi dear my BFF..

first of all.. sorry my friend, I never knew that man is so useless.
If I know I certainly will not support you to love that man more..
I never realise he was a jerk.. I thought he could protect you.. and love you as much as we love you..
I referring 'we' for your family, friends and especially me who care about you..

if time can be turned back, of course I will change this error..
always be there for you.. keeping you in that difficult and easy for fear of losing you..

 I hope the man who hurt you will be sorry..
he has lost the opportunity of the most pure loved in woman heart.. and the thing he will be regret the most is when looking you one day with your couple in happier days..

I believe a few years from now you must have a special friend and then end the days of singles ..
so, when I pray you to be happy with your soon to be spouse and have children not because of i can't stand you around me mumbling about how sucks your life would be if you don't get marry..
it just because I really want to see my friends happy.. :D

So for that I look forwad to saying hope you're happy with your husband and children but please never ever forget me..remember your children must be adorable and sweet like me.. hehe :)
i heart you and many greetings from my longing .. xoxo *_^

p/s : tell me if he broke your heart i would punch him on the face
p/s/s : pic(s) google

sincerely from your bff,
chummy cliche


Rubiyanto Sutrisno said...

kunjungan perdana izin follow dan salam kenal .....

Siti Nur Asilah binti Abdul Wahab, said...

23/10/2016? haha! ni entri utk sape ni weh? aku ke? hee. nway, thnks for being a veryyyy good friend :) i love you, muah!

Mainur Hasnah said...

rubiyanto : ye silakan.. terima kasih :D

SNA : hehe.. especially untuk kau dan bff lain.. yelah aku tak suka orang tak hargai kau.. eishh siaplah mamat2 yang pernah lukakan kau dulu.. huhu.. tc ye sayang..