welcome to my life


i always feel like life knock me out.. everything turn upside down.. seems it hard to accept the reality even facing it misearable enough.. if u ask how my life been ? the answer is i used to sing out loud simple plan song  ' Welcome To My Life' and 'Shut Up' because of  the lyrics .. the tune interesting but most important the song tell how my life.. when i want to be alone.. just to think what to do or how it gonna be someday..

i hope everything will be alright.. because i knew life never easy and God never promise it will be easy but God give us strength to fulfill our destiny.. what goes around comes around and u deserve it if u work for it..
i hope God will blast all of us.. cause i dont want mumbling alone anymore.. sitting there watch the sky alone.. 
pretty matured process all this time.. and it will help me through difficulties in life :) hopefully amin

p/s : ok i lie about something.. I still sing that song because my life is still the same :')

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